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Fundamentals of Catching A Baseball

Nothing gets in the way of a kid having fun than the inability to catch a baseball. For a baseball player that hasn’t been taught the proper way to snatch a ball out of the air, it can make for a long day on the practice field. When practice is over and the kids are […]


Basics of Throwing A Baseball

Catching and throwing are obviously the two most important basic skills ball players need to learn. Even if the player only manages to be marginally average at both, it’s imperative that coaches and parents practice these skills consistently with children. When kids develop incorrect throwing habits at a young age, it’s hard to reverse the […]

It Starts by Playing Tee Ball

We live in a world of change. If it’s not change of the political variety it’s the fluctuation of clothing trends, haircut styles, music movements, and technological development. As we age, our bodies grow weaker. Hair thins out, turns gray, bones lose calcium, muscles become flaccid and youthful skin fades to sun-dried wrinkles. The seasons […]