For anyone interested in Fall ball this season.
Begin date August 16.
6 week season with games on Sundays, start times to be 1pm, 3pm or 5pm if needed.
No games labor day weekend.
Ages U5-U15 accommodated
Games played at Pendery Park
Team entry, $100.00 fee
Teams responsible for ump fee’s to be paid at field. C & D $15 per team. B & A $25 per team
Entry’s due in by August 1st.
Will need;
  • Team info
  • Head coach cell phone & email
  • Assist. coach cell phone & email
  • $100.00 entry fee sent to Campbell County Knothole P.O. box 392 Alexandria, Ky 41001

Good Luck to everyone this season!

Pendery rainout line 859-392-0024
District Supervisor (Charlie Krift)
Mills Road rainout line 859-426-0123
District Supervisor (Rob Langguth)